Compare Passion Flower to other devices

Hebe Passion Flower Other Facial Cleansers (you know the one we are talking about ;) ) 
 Style Portable and Elegant shape with ergonomic handle. 
It will fit in your purse. We promise.
Very common round or oval shape
  • Sound wave vibration
  • Stereo rotating magnetic beads
  • Simulated fingertips massage cleaning and 4 working modes adjustments
  • Sounds wave vibrations only
  • Mode adjusts only strength of the device
Bristle Passion Flower uses 24-variant bristle pattern.
Each individual bristle varies in thickness with the finest being only 0.6mm!
This unique patter of a blooming flower provides unique ability to access areas of the face that are hardly accessible otherwise
Most of other cleansers on the market utilize only 3-variant bristle pattern.
Charging Passion Flower cleanser is wireless and comes with magnetic charging base. Typical cable
water resistance
Food grade silicon. Waterproofed, IPX7 certified Much lover IPX, typically IPX5