HebeFlower™: Portable massaging Cleanser for deep clean and de-aging

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Our face and it’s skin are priceless and cannot be replaced. HebeFlower has been shown to improve skin in 2 weeks or your money back guaranteed. 

Deep Clean + Anti-aging Massage + Exfoliation = Hebe flower, the world’s first sonic cleansing massager that comes with stereo magnetic therapy. It’s dual-delivery formula: the softest flower-shaped cleanser, that made of ultra-hygienic silicon, infused with rotating magnetic beads thoroughly removes 99% of dirt, blackheads, oil, makeup, and dead skin. Magnetic massage restores and rejuvenates your cells, giving you an unprecedented level of clean with no irritation whatsoever


YouHebe brush removes every last trace of make-up, blackheads, pollution or toxic chemicals


Get a deeper clean as 8000 of sonic pulsations reach into your pores to wash away 99% of dirt, leaving your skin profoundly smooth and rejuvenated. Sonic waves activate essential enzymes, accelerate blood flow, promote pore opening and provide a relaxing facial and body massage.


Cleansing brush that makes your skin look and feel younger


Experience remarkable massage and magnetic rejuvenation as two rotating magnetic fields pulsations reach down into your pores to soften your skin and increase activation of essential enzymes.



Hebe Flower made for all skin types ranging from extremely sensitive to oily.  Unique shape with bristles varying in 24 sizes allows for extremely deep clean in hardly reachable areas of the face

Cleansing brush of every life-style. Take it with you anywhere


Feel HebeFlower difference from Day 1!

Get that extra boost of self confidence whenever you most need itDon’t worry about having to wait around for your skin to be cleansed and refreshed. Your skin will be clean, tight, and glowy with just 1 minute of HebeFlower

Plus, our sleek and elegant design allows you to perform your skincare routine anywhere without feeling conscious. Use it at the gym, small trips, long travels, work. You'll feel and look better anytime, anywhere.



I recently had sinus surgery and my face has been swollen and super sensitive. Using my hands or a cloth wasn't exfoliating my skin (I have super oily skin) and my normal brush was too harsh for me. This product is exactly what I needed. It gave me a deep cleanse without irritating my face even more."

Chelsy L.

Best cleansing brush for sensitive skin


1 x Hebe Flower - 3 in 1 Sonic Cleansing & Rejuvenating brush

1 x Charging base

1 x USB charging cable

1 x Manual


Unlike similar products on the market, this sonic cleanser comes with 4 functioning modes which are fully adjustable according to your needs. Modify the intensity of its vibrations with the press of a single button!

HIGH DEMAND: Most orders arrive in 3 to 13 business days

Hebe Passion Flower Other Facial Cleansers (you know the one we are talking about ;) ) 
 Style Portable and Elegant shape with ergonomic handle. 
It will fit in your purse. We promise.
Very common round or oval shape
  • Sound wave vibration
  • Stereo rotating magnetic beads
  • Simulated fingertips massage cleaning and 4 working modes adjustments
  • Sounds wave vibrations only
  • Mode adjusts only strength of the device
Bristle Passion Flower uses 24-variant bristle pattern.
Each individual bristle varies in thickness with the finest being only 0.6mm!
This unique patter of a blooming flower provides unique ability to access areas of the face that are hardly accessible otherwise
Most of other cleansers on the market utilize only 3-variant bristle pattern.
Charging Passion Flower cleanser is wireless and comes with magnetic charging base. Typical cable
water resistance
Food grade silicon. Waterproofed, IPX7 certified Much lover IPX, typically IPX5

If you have make-up on your face, use the make-up remover first, and then use the device.

    1. Moisten your face with clean water and evenly apply facial cleanser.
    2. Activate device by pressing button for 1.5 seconds. If it's a first time use, you can select the operation mode by pressing the button continuously.
      After one of 4 modes is selected, the device’s memory will set it as the default mode. That mode will continue on for future use, unless you decide to change it.
    3. Glide Passion Flower's touchpoints in a circular motion on your face. Pay attention to areas where pores are easily blocked, such as the T zone, chin, outside corners of eyes, mouth, etc.

      The recommended cleaning time is 90 seconds. After 90 seconds passes, Passion flower’s intelligent built-in timer shuts the device off.

    4. Rinse the Passion Flower, wash and dry your face with warm water, and continue on with your skincare routine.

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