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For Skin Cleansing & Recovery
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Experience what our 5000+ clients already enjoy- the pleasure of flawless, soft, youthful skin.

Well-massaged and cleaned skin at the same time? It's possible! Since 2018 FlowerBrush has been proven to do it anywhere, anytime, even for the most sensitive skin!


"My sensitive SKIN never felt BETTER! I love how this massages my face..." - Rachel Ge., USA

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30-days Trial

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What's in the box?

FlowerBrush™: Facial Massager & Cleansing Brush for Sensitive Skin

- 3 in 1 Sonic Cleansing & Rejuvenating brush

- Charging base

USB charging cable

User Manual

Safe For All Skin Types

FlowerBrush has been 5+ years on the market. And is proven to be safe for all skin types ranging from extremely sensitive to oily.

Thorough Clean & Long Lasting Results.

The unique shape with bristles varying in 24 sizes allows for extremely deep cleaning in hardly reachable areas of the face.

Organic Product

We use eco-friendly materials that do not harm the environment when disposed of.

30-Day Trial

Not satisfied with the product you got? Enjoy hassle-free refunds within the first 30-days of your purchase.

Not Just A Cleanser. Proven Skin Improvment 

What Makes FlowerBrush™ So special?

How It Works

  • Removes dead skin faster than a normal cleanser. It gets rid of germs, dust, dirt, and pollution.
  • Increases the natural cycle of your skin cells.
  • Increases blood flow, which in turn improves skin tone making skin firmer, softer, and healthier.
  • Boosts your existing skincare regime. Clean and Massaged skin absorbs better ingredients in skin care products.
  • Anti-aging magnetic massage, just like SPA, amplifies the benefits above, which no other brush does.
  • FlowerBrush is Proven to be best for sensitive skin. Unique bristles design and FDA-approved silicone causeNo damage even for most sensitive skin.

4 Function Modes

Unlike similar products on the market, this sonic cleanser comes with 4 functioning modes which are fully adjustable according to your needs. Modify the intensity of its vibrations and the speed of the massaging beads with the press of a single button!

Minimize Aging, Tighten The Skin And Amplify Cleaning Effects

Experience excellent massage and magnetic rejuvenation as two rotating magnetic field pulsations reach down into your pores to soften your skin and increase the activation of essential enzymes.



Frequently Asked Questions

Can it damage my skin?

FlowerBrush is shown to cause no damage even to the most sensitive skin.

Can you use a facial brush if you have acne?

You can use a face-cleansing brush if you have acne or breakouts. The brush helps remove excess dirt and oil from your skin by penetrating deep into your pores. This helps keep your skin clear. Furthermore, if you are applying a medicated cream or ointment to treat acne, the removal of dead skin cells may allow deeper penetration of the medicine. 

How to take care of FloweBrush?

It is as simple as washing it with soap after every use

Does your brush uses FDA approved silicone?


How often it can be used?

2 times per day is enough, although you can start with just one usage per day and see how it goes for you.